Le kasha Fabrics

Le Kasha mission is to make beautiful & timeless clothing suitable for every place and every season, usuing only natural and noble material :
100% cashmere, 100% silk , 100% linen ..

The cashmere collection is designed in Paris and produced in Inner Mongolia ( Eco Label factory)

The silk and linen collection are designed and produced in Paris ( using the most finest italian fabrics) using only real freshwater pearls and natural accessories

About our Cashmere

Production & Eco label factory

All the production Le Kasha is made in our factory which have the ECO certification of the goats and cashmere process

We are taking care to work with the farming cooperatives and herders and practice substainable grazing to ensure the preservation and sustainability of the grasslands.

Using fully organic farming and breeding techniques to improve the breeding quality of the goats, Le Kasha ensure the optimum health of the goats.

Le Kasha work to the most exacting standards of quality of fiber and production, using only the finest grade of pure white inner Mongolian cashmere fiber, which is recognized as the finest quality in the world.

The most modern technological advancements in the processing, spinning and knitting of the fiber and yarns are combined with traditional hand knitting and hand finishing skills. This blending together of innovative technology and bespoke indiviual care
creates the highest quality for each pieces.

You can follow the experience at the heart of the process in the « Carnet de Voyage » in Mongolia where you can see how the combing is done at the helders place.

cashmere care

Cashmere is one of the world’s most luxury soft natural fibres, that you will always desire to wear and keep with you, wherever you are, for a lifetime.

In order to maintain your garment’s continuted soft hand feel and luxurious quality and appearance, please caring correctly by respecting those instructions.

Cashmere is best hand washed.
Please wash each garment by hand in cool water with a small amount of high quality low acidity shampoo. Do not use any bleaching products or harsch detergents as this will remove the natural oil in the cashmere fibres. Whilst washing, avoid soaking the garment in the water. You must gently and quickly squeeze the garment in soapy water. Then repeatedely rinse the garment in cool water until it appears clear of soap.

For drying : Place the wet garment flat out onto a clean dry towel, then roll it up within the towel. Then replace the sweater flat on another clean and dry towel, adjusting the garment into your desired shape and fit. To ensure that all the ribs and cuffs dry you must tightly pull on the garment close up the knitted ribbs. Make sure you turn the garment over to dry on both sides. You can pick off any yarnballs when the piece is dry. By directly ironing the piece you could scorch the surfacso better to steam it. Heat sources such as radiators and intense sunlight are bad for the garment.

For any more assistance, please contact custumercare@lekasha.com