Georgia Fendley

Georgia is a very talented woman and the founder of the amazing creative studio : Construct London. She is specialized in visual identities for luxury hotels and fashion brand. She created the identity of le Kasha and redesigned the original illustration created by Geo Dorival in 1918. She beleive and support my project at the begining… and give me a beautiful opportunity to start Le Kasha with her..

If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

a horse

The  hotel you  would chose to live in for one year…

The Hotel du Cap - Eden-Roc in Antibes

If you could teleport yourself to a place for lunch, which restaurant would you pick ?

I would pick the plains of Argentina with Francis Mallman cooking - not a restaurant but an ultimate food experience.

You never travel without..

Books ( real ones ), I love to read… for me time to read is the greatest indulgence.

What do you most like to steal from hotels ?

Ideas and overheard conversations

A movie that inspires you to travel…

I love Fellini, the drama, the attitude - I can’t pick a favourite. I also love the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies, one of my favourites is the one with Claudia Cardinale at the ski resort, so chic and funny.

The last sentence of a great postcard…

stolen from Kurt Vonnegut
'I told her one time, “I worry about women.” She said “Don’t”.'.

Your dreamy lost at sea situation…

I'm actually frightened of the sea so for me this is a nightmare.

A place you never wanted to leave…

Home. Because I travel so much I really love to be at home with my children, my dogs and my garden, for me this is paradise.

Your dream world tour, in five spots..

All the places I haven’t been - India, New Zealand, the orkneys and shetlands and the Swedish archipelago.

A place for a romantic breakfast…

my bed! we have the most amazing view of our garden with Solsbury hill behind, ancient yew trees and horses grazing.

Which iconic person would you ask for a tour of their city ?

Marcus Aurelius, Rome.

Which iconic person‘s home would you most like to rent for a unique holiday ?

Peggy Guggenheims Venetian home during her lifetime.

Which piece of the Le Kasha would you most like to travel in ?

I love the Aspen arm warmers, so cool and the ultimate between season life saver.