Romance of Travel

Travels with...

Harper Smith

Haper is an american fashion photographer based in Austin and spending most of her time shooting between LA and NYC. She is living in a ranch and she is very connected to the nature. I will always be grateful to her for support and believe into Le Kasha. We went together for my first "Carnet de Voyage" to Mongolia, had unforgettable experience and came back with amazing pictures. Harper is my favorite traveller companion...

If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

a donkey

If you could teleport yourself to a place for lunch, which restaurant would you pick ?

The Zetter Townhouse in  London

The  hotel you  would chose to live in for one year…

Chelsea Market in NY (where i can eat one of everything in the world before I teleport home).

You never travel without..

My camera, pillowcase from home & lavender oil

What do you most like to steal from hotels ?

Shampoo (obvi) and laundry bags

A movie that inspires you to travel…

Eat Pray Love….just kidding. Probably Dr. Zhivago - it reminds me that there is so much still I haven't seen!

The last sentence of a great postcard…

I’ll see you when I see you.

Your dreamy lost at sea situation…

my man, my baby, my pet pigs & pug & lab, a piano and a guitar, and a lot of queso blanco and chips.

A place you never wanted to leave…

Austin, Texas….so I moved there.

A beach where you would like to swim naked…

Railei Beach, Thailand

Your dream world tour, in five spots..

Galapagos Islands, Equador to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland to Nairobi, Africa to Milos, Greece to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

A place for a romantic breakfast…

my bed

Which iconic person would you ask for a tour of their city ?

Lhamo Dondrub (HH Dahli Lama)…of Tibet.

Which iconic person‘s home would you most like to rent for a unique holiday ?

Georgia O’keefe’s home, the Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Which piece of the Le Kasha would you most like to travel in ?

currently obsessed with my knitted LIma jumpsuit…