Romance of Travel

Travels with...

Henrietta Thompson

Henrietta is an author and journalist based in london. She is editor at large at wallpaper magazine and writting for the telegraph or british airways magazine... She contribute in the launch of le kasha by writing the storytelling of the brand. Henrietta is a person I really appreciate and she is always been an amazing support for le kasha..

If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

I would be a little propeller plane (not always the fastest, and not always going the furthest, but that’s not always what counts…)

The  hotel you  would chose to live in for one year…

Claridges in London

The  hotel you  would chose to live in for one year…

Claridges in London

If you could teleport yourself to a place for lunch, which restaurant would you pick ?

Faviken in Sweden

You never travel without..

Pen and notebook

What do you most like to steal from hotels ?

Teaspoons from aeroplanes, but nothing from hotels

A movie that inspires you to travel…

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The last sentence of a great postcard…

Come !

Your dreamy lost at sea situation…

On a vintage yacht sailing off the coast of Cornwall

A place you never wanted to leave…

Aynhoe Park – an amazing fantasy mansion in the Cotswolds where I married my husband

A beach where you would like to swim naked…

Pria dos Sanchos, Brazil

Your dream world tour, in five spots..

I can’t choose. All the places I haven’t been to yet, and some of the ones I have, again…

A place for a romantic breakfast…

A big breakfast basket in bed at Granmaarkt 13 in Antwerp

Which iconic person would you ask for a tour of their city ?

Woody Allen in New York

Which iconic person‘s home would you most like to rent for a unique holiday ?

Yves Saint Laurent’s in Marrakech

Which piece of the Le Kasha would you most like to travel in ?

The knitted jumpsuit "Lima"