Romance of Travel

Travels with...


If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

Depend of my mood.. I can be an airballon, a sail boat, a private plane…
The hotel you would chose to live in for one year…

The  hotel you would chose to live in for one year…

The Mount Nelson in cape town and I will invite you for the best tea time! 

If you could teleport yourself to a place for lunch, which restaurant would you pick ?

Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv.

You never travel without..

My cabin suitcase Rimowa, Le Kasha Jaipur cashmere hoodie , lots of contact lenses in case I extend my stay, my body/hair oils in small bottles, my perfume and a book.

What do you most like to steal from hotels ?

All what can fit into my suitcase ;-) but usually I am leaving with only the laudry bag and some good bath products.

A movie that inspires you to travel…

The english patient, the big blue, out of Africa, the bucket list, Frida, Darjeeling limited.. Cant pick only one.

The last sentence of a great postcard…

Sorry, I will never come back!

Your dreamy lost at sea situation… 

An old sailing boat in the middle of the indian ocean, with great books, a bad wifi connexion , hair oil and ice cream.

A place you never wanted to leave…

Cape Town

A beach where you would like to swim naked…

French Polynesia, Cyclade Island..

Your dream world tour, in five spots..

A road trip in Sicilia, a safari in Namibia & Botswana, a cruise on the Nil, a walk in Tokyo, and swim in one of the Mozambique’s island..

A place for a romantic breakfast…

Pancakes and fresh mint tea at the foot of the egyptians pyramides with few camels around ..

Which iconic person would you ask for a tour of their city ?

Salvador Dali in Spain, or Peter Pan for a night tour of London

Which iconic person‘s home would you most like to rent for a unique holiday ?

The house of Frida Khalo in Mexico

Which piece of the Le Kasha would you most like to travel in ?

The Lima jumpsuit and the Travel shoes !