Romance of Travel

Travels with...

Alex Eagle

Alex Eagle, owner of Alex Eagle store in London, a unique retail experience showcasing an edit of high end fashion, accessories, art, design, photography… She was one of the first to discover Le Kasha.

If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

Roller skates

The  hotel you  would chose to live in for one year…

Hotel Treville in Positano, Italy

If you could teleport yourself to a place for lunch, which restaurant would you pick ?

Peligrill at the Hotel Ill Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Italy.

You never travel without..

My phone, camera, Le Kasha travel set, Susanne Kaufmann moisturizer, Argan Oi, Bruno Chaussignand Fizzler Sunglasses from Alex Eagle

What do you most like to steal from hotels ?

Ashtrays (I kicked the habit of cigarettes but not of stealing ashtrays)

A movie that inspires you to travel…

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The last sentence of a great postcard…

Can’t wait to bring you here!

Your dreamy lost at sea situation…

With my husband…anywhere…would a Gondola on the Grand Canal count?

A place you never wanted to leave…

The Palazzo Fortuny in Venice. Heaven!

A beach where you would like to swim naked…

It would have to be a secluded beach on the Amalfi and the sea in Capri

Your dream world tour, in five spots..

Places I have never been and would love to visit are Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto, The Northern Light, The North Pole and the Inca Trail in Peru and Brazil

A place for a romantic breakfast…

Bed…Ideally at The Ritz in Paris

Which iconic person would you ask for a tour of their city ?

Picasso in Malaga, Fellini in Rome and Peggy Guiggenhiem in Venice

Which piece of the Le Kasha would you most like to travel in ?

The Le Kasha Eye mask and Wrap are both the dream to travel with making any trip a comfortable one.